Nursery time

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I am currently 7 mos. pregnant with a baby girl!! One of the best things about being pregnant is Nursery design of course! I decided to go with a purple color scheme which I will probably add some accent colors to, i am probably going to have to put some pink in there. I painted the walls a lovely grayish purple (Still Night) from Lowes. I have already put up the crib, which a dear friend purchased for us from Pottery Barn Kids. It is the beautiful Catalina fixed gate 3-in-1 crib in white!

I love this changing table, bought for our little girl by her loving Nani and Papi( The option for storage in the three drawers and then adding a few lined baskets on the shelves for extra organized storage is perfect and super cute.

I had to have this lamp , also from Pottery Barn Kids, I love the one with the roses and I am going to use a clear lamp base instead of the white.

Rose flower shade

While I was out the other day I stopped by Home Depot to look at their chandelier selection and found the perfect one for my princess’ room.

I will update you when the rest of the room comes together. I still need to get some flowery wall decals and find the perfect chair for me to lounge in, feed, or just watch my baby sleep!



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Hmmm…Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, classic! I can kill two birds by showing this picture. It includes furniture by van der Rohe and this great building, the German Pavillion, in Barcelona. Beautiful design. 


And of course the Seagram building. I am lucky enough to live in the city that houses it so I see it often and it is a sight.


Hans Wegner gets my vote for fave danish designer. I love the attention he pays to detail and his unbelievable craftsmanship. Take a look at this…


I want this room

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I was just browsing some furniture showroom websites and came across this room. I have always loved the pieces you can get from Roche Bobois.  I especially like this pink Volutes cocktail table. What a lovely space, it has a very fun and eclectic style, i just had to share it with you.1094422204988697417d4c1


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Von Robinson’s industrial design is fun. Take a look at these table/stools. You can insert a cushion or table top into any of the openings to provide a seat or space to set a drink.oblio_2006

Philippe Starck is one of my favorite modern designers. I love his chairs because so many of them can fit right into any room or at any dinner table to complete a contemporary or eclectic space with style.15
5Saarinen is a fabulous designer that I have to add to my list. He designs beautiful furniture and was also the designer of the amazing Gateway Arch. Here are pictures of his Tulip chair and table.imagesimages-1I have been waiting to get to U! Patricia Urquiola, love, love everything by her. Her pieces are fresh, fun, and often funky. Just plain good design. Hard for me to pick which pieces to show. e623151f2779e84b3d7dc1d90102ee2d_f713480ce1b487764d1bf2810b849610 8db0eab79d08d742c474badc0adc699e_02e1978d4b36f7f74dc48c057825aabd-1
598cd78c3ab8309292499e9f02ec3866_fc2de77a7a1925a3b5ab8e7b5cf0af28Check out some more of her work at

New and fun!

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I have had my eye on this lamp for a little while now. It is the new Verona lamp from Pottery Barn. Really cool floor lamp, the inside of its beautiful shade is lined with mirrors that brighten the light from the bulb. It is a perfectly chic reading lamp!img47m


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Hi all! So i have just finished my first week in school, so excited about all the projects i will be tackling this semester. I will definitely keep you updated. To continue my A-Z list…

Ross Lovegrove has designed many wonderfull things, from staircases to bicycles.Lovegrove is so inspirational as far as the endless possibilities there are in the future of design. These are two of my favorites:

wash basin-Vitra

wash basin-Vitra


Supernatural chair-Moroso

Supernatural chair-Moroso

Jasper Morisson, fun chair.

Vega chair by Morrison

Vega chair by Morrison

Oeuf’s bookshelf is super cute in a kid’s room to store books and toys, but would work nicely anywhere in the house too!17253__dp__e700x6006044__dp__e300x250

Liza Philips makes these cute stair rugs, available in so many different colors and patterns.shiitake1

I really like the modern approach Pablo Pardo takes in his design. His Bel Occhio lamp is both a spotlight and or ambient table lamp. 



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I have made it to H. and this is a fun one!

Hans Hopfer’s Mah Jong sofa brightens up my day. Very hippie chic, it makes an ultra rad lounge area. Pull out the hookah and have a seat!58037736548d3c008d44eb1

I? I will have to get back to you on this one.


Philip Johnson, exhibitionist? Johnson couldn’t have expressed the structure in his Glass House any better than this. Beautifully constructed. And I love the interior.gallery_107001



Florence Knoll designer and manufacturer, designed these two pieces, which fit together perfectly in any seating arrangement. I love the pink bench to add a splash of color!1510_pp2828_pp1